Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tip: Explain to others your finding

The first tip is a general tip that applies to mostly every field where you need to solve a problem. Basically sometime you really need to explain the ideas of a possible solution to someone to really understand it yourself. This can also work using writing but of course the colleague can give you also useful input and ideas. This helps mostly people that like me have a general picture of the whole system but with a not clear knowledge of the specific code we are working on due to inexperience with that code. People that like me prefer a picture rather then a text explaination tend to use more the side of the brain typically used for artistic and visual skills. Unfortunately programming is not a visual rappresentation of an algorithm but a sequence of logic steps. Forcing yourself to explain or write down what's happening in the system helps to convert the wide but opaque visual image you have in your brain to a more specific logical view where all the connection between elements gets explained. It will be like seeing a painting from the distance and discover that is actually a mosaic when we move near to it, where small pieces are connected together to form a single shape.

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